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Yoga for Weight Loss

There is a myriad of people trying to lose weight out here. Among them, a considerable number of people use Yoga for weight loss. Are you one among those people? Or, someone who is skeptical about using Yoga for weight loss?

The information elaborated below is for both these groups who are looking at Yoga as a means to lose weight. For the first group lets us just enlighten you about how Yoga helps aid weight loss, as for the second group – get ready to become a believer.

We’ll cover –

✅ Our View on Weight Loss
✅ Yoga For Weight Loss
✅ How Yoga Aids Weight Loss?
✅ Best Yoga for Weight Loss
✅ Yoga Routine for Weight Loss
✅ Special Tips for Weight Loss

Our View on Weight Loss
Weight loss is the end goal, Yoga (which we will find out soon!) is the solution. To understand how to use the solution to reach the end goal let us first look into the problem – increase in weight. Increase in weight, or worse case of it which is known as obesity is a major health issue.

There are various causes for it like genetics, underactive thyroid, diabetes treatment, aging, stress, PCOS, etc. The reason to mention all these causes is that weight gain isn’t always due to overeating or an unhealthy lifestyle.

The weight gain due to the latter two reasons can be combated by regular exercise and lifestyle changes. However, the weight gain due to the initial conditions may require medical attention.

Yoga for Weight Loss
Yoga in this case edges past all the other forms of exercise as it not only acts on the external muscle or fat but addresses the internal issues as well. Yoga works the whole body and is a holistic approach – it works on your physical as well as mental health.

By wholistic we also mean that yoga is not to be seen only as a means for weight loss but as a way to get fit. A slightly overweight person may still be healthy and a person whose weight is optimum may still be unfit.

How Yoga aids weight loss?

Inactivity of the body with an increase in the food intake leaves leads to fat accumulation. The obvious solution to this is to increase the amount of activity you subject your body to. Now, you can either take up any form of exercise or perform yoga.

And if you were to go by the popular belief that yoga cannot reduce weight because it is not intense, then you may be wrong. Yoga can be intense depending on the type of it you choose, but it is efficient all the same. Along with exercising your whole body, Yoga also impacts your mental health. It promotes metabolism, strengthens muscles, and reduces belly fat too.The quality of Yoga that leaves you relaxed, fresh, and focused is an underrated driver for weight loss because the fact that a fit mind leads to a fit body needs no further explanation. Yoga brings your mind, body, and breath in harmony thereby eliminating stress which is a major factor for unhealthy weight gain.

Best Yoga for weight loss

In the previous section, we saw how Yoga aids weight loss, now let us understand which type of yoga gives the best result when it comes to weight loss. But the answer isn’t a straightforward one. While all Yoga asanas lead to improvement in mental health and reduction in stress, there are specific advantages for different asanas. Like –

Suryanamaskar – Also called the King of asanas works on the whole body. It tones the neck, shoulders, spine, arms, hands, wrists, leg, and back muscles. This makes it ideal for weight loss.

Virabhadrasana – It tones the legs, arms, and lower back. It builds up stamina which can fuel an intense yoga session.

Dhanurasana – It stretches the abdominal region which loosens the fat. It also acts on arms and legs.

Konasana – The sideways bending pose, helps burn fat around the waist.

Utkatasana – In addition to toning the thighs, legs, and knees, it increases the metabolic rate. And a higher metabolic rate facilitates weight loss.

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana – As shown in the snap below, taking our chest towards the chin massages the thyroid gland which produces the metabolism controlling hormone. This pose also stimulates the abdominal organs to aid your digestion.

Bhujangasana – As it stretches the abdominal muscles, it can go a long way in flattening your tummy.

There are so many other poses that aid weight loss. We will keep you updated about the others too. If you need them right now, kindly reach out to us.

Yoga routine for weight loss.

Now that we know what yoga we are supposed to do. Let us understand what routine do we follow.
Generally speaking, the best time to do yoga is early morning with an empty stomach. For simple reasons like –
• It sets the tone for the day.
• It gives a boost of energy.
• Early morning schedules are easily manageable (compared to evening or afternoon).

However, it is completely alright to practice yoga in the afternoon or evening. It can be practiced at any time throughout the day, but it is important to note that it will be harmful to practice yoga (rather any exercise) before 2-3 hours of having eaten.

You can have a Yoga stretch anytime you feel stiff, tensed, or tired too. But things done randomly tend to fade away. Routines persist. Having a proper routine will help you keep up the regularity of practicing yoga which in turn will aid your weight loss. We have found that a minimum of one hour of Yoga early morning works wonders for weight loss. If you are curious to know our routine then check it here.

Special Tips for Weight Loss.
There are general tips for weight loss like eat high fiber foods, get more active, eat regular meals, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if there were any specific yoga-related tips for weight loss? Well, if Yoga was some scheme, then we would have given special yoga tips for weight loss.

But it isn’t. So, we only have basic tips –
• Never skip a session.
• Breathe in the said pattern while performing a pose.
• Hold the pose for an optimum time.
• And most important of all – believe in the process.

However, our extensive research on weight loss has led us to uncover the science behind weight loss. It is nothing like you would have ever imagined. The research says – we lose fat from our body through the air that we exhale and the water that we expel (can be sweat, tears, urine, etc). To crunch it down in numbers, 84% of fat is exhaled as CO2, and % of it is excreted as H20.

Mind-blowing, isn’t it?
To understand it clearly remember what is a fat molecule is made of. It consists of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen atoms. Now, the basic rule of chemistry is simple – atoms can form molecules but cannot be converted to different atoms. So, whatever is going to happen to the fat molecule is going to be restricted by these 3 atoms. And, the feasible variations of molecules in our body include CO2 and H20.

This is what we exhale and expel.
That means to lose weight you have to either stop the accumulation of fat by eating less or increase the activities that make you breathe and sweat more.

Conclusion – eat less, move more, and breathe.
Eat less is often done with a heavy heart as it means you have to give up delicious meals for weight loss (you can still do it though). Also, eating less could make you fatigued with lower energy levels. The other option is to move more.

This is where Trance Yoga comes in.
We have developed a unique way of teaching Yoga for weight loss based on the above-explained principle. We focus on a lot of dynamic movements using Yoga postures. This will help move every single muscle which will result in the burning of more fat throughout the body. We also focus a lot on breathing because the oxygen you inhale helps burn the fat. And on the exhalation of Carbon dioxide, the burnt fat is expelled. Get in touch with us to apply these scientific principles and Yoga that will help aid your weight loss.

Final Word
Yoga is centuries-old practice so getting your basics right is the only thing you would want to emphasize. Because that is enough to get the maximum benefit from Yoga. For this particular case, the benefit is weight loss through yoga. Once you get the right way of performing the asanas that aid weight loss there is nothing that can come in the way of you and a weight loss that will exceed your expectation.

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