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Ladies Yoga Classes – the what, the how, the why, and the where.

Ladies Yoga Classes have become a necessity for Yoga pursuing women. The point that you have clicked on this article link means that you are searching for Ladies Yoga classes near to your residence or a quality online class.
And, most certainly you have your reason for doing so. So, allow us to guide you through even more details about Ladies Yoga – the what, the how, the why, and the where.

The What
Yoga is something that benefits everyone that practices it. There is no gender-based differentiation.What we mean by this is Yoga as a whole is unbiased, but as we dig deeper into various asanas there are benefits that favour women and others that favour men.

Ladies Yoga simply means Yoga performed by women.

The How

Well, we haven’t come across any pose that has to be done differently by men and women. And, owing to our vast experience in the field of Yoga, you can take our word when we say that The How remains the same for everyone.

The Why
After a simple what and how, let us focus on the big mountain that is the why.

The benefits are numerous.

During the adolescent period
This period shapes the entire lifetime of young girls as they undergo major changes in their bodies and mind.
Pranayama and meditation help calm the restless, fearful, and confused teenage mind. Asanas such as Dhanurasana and Vajrasana are among those yogasanas that are ideal for women to help them develop a regular and healthy menstrual cycle. Practicing these asanas regularly will ensure that women develop muscular strength, avoid obesity and develop healthy reproductive organs by keeping their hormones in balance.

During Motherhood
Motherhood puts women through various physical changes. There are hormonal changes that are sometimes not under their control. It is important to maintain good physical and mental health during this time. To be in peak shape, experts recommend practicing some of the yogasanas. Yoga also helps women to be flexible and fit to be able to deliver normally.

Pre-natal yoga helps strengthen women’s uterine muscles and support the spine, enabling the back to cope with additional pressure. Post-natal yoga in the form of pranayama and Yogic breathing will help women recover quickly post-delivery, restore firmness in their muscle fibers and increase lactation.

During Transitional Period
As women grow older many complications arise. They experience menopause, weight gain, thyroid problems, and other such conditions and ailments.

The benefits of yoga for women during this time are substantial.

Yoga has great healing powers and can help balance hormones, keep weight in check, help menopause pass smoothly, and maintain a healthy digestive system. Also, Pranayama and meditation will help women immeasurably in this difficult and rather tumultuous time in their lives. Also, studies have shown how yoga could help menopausal women cope with hot flashes.

Improves Sex Life
In a study conducted on 40 healthy and sexually active women, participants were subjected to a 12-week Yoga program. 75% of them said that they had improvements in their sex life.
They showed improvement in all six sexual functioning areas, including desire, lubrication, and orgasm.
The results were overwhelmingly positive for women under 45.

Reduces symptoms of PMS
In an article published in the International Journal of Women’s Health and Reproduction, Sciences Researchers focused on the emotional, behavioral, and physical symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome. Improvements were seen in all three areas.

The article highlights how powerful Yoga can be and concludes by recommending Yoga as a treatment option for PMS.

Other Benefits
There are many other benefits like –
• Short-term improvements in women undergoing Breast Cancer Treatment.
• Cope with Gestational Diabetes.
These are only a few benefits. The general ones like relieving stress, improving mental health, strength, balance, flexibility, etc will always be there.

The Where
Like we have mentioned in our blog on Hatha Yoga, it is very much important to have an instructor to guide you through your Yoga practice. In the case of women where there are so many physical changes that they go through, it becomes imperative to practice yoga with the help of an instructor or in a Yoga class near you.
You surely don’t want to be doing all the Yoga stretches in the wrong way. It will cause you more harm than good.
The next question that arises when you want to attend a Yoga class is do I need to take a Ladies Only Yoga Class? Or, any regular class will do.

The answer to it is Yes, and No. The answer is Yes when you feel uncomfortable practicing Yoga with people from the opposite gender around. The yoga clothing which is designed to help you stretch out without any inhibitions also invites unwanted attention towards you if you are in a regular class without the right type of crowd around. This issue for a fact is not just related to Yoga, it is seen in other forms of exercise too. That’s one of the main reasons why a ladies-only Yoga class near you makes sense. At Trance Yoga, we have a special batch for ladies that teaches Yoga that is of more benefit to women. Also, we make it a very comfortable place for you to practice your Yoga.

Although in our regular classes there is never an issue that results in women feeling uncomfortable. We preach to treat everyone that performs the ancient and traditional practice of Yoga is at ease and make them feel at home.
If you are a women citizen of Dubai, you will surely find Trance Yoga is the best place for you to learn and grow your Yoga practices. And if you are far away from our place in Dubai or anywhere else in the world, we encourage you to take our online class. Our Yoga classes will surely add a new dimension to your life. It’s definitely worth a go!

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