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Hatha Yoga – The What, The Why, and the How.

“If you can get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” – Eckhart Tolle

Hatha Yoga is the way to get the inside right, and as the quote concludes – get the outside right, eventually. Before you start looking out for Hatha Yoga courses, or training classes with Hatha Yoga instructors let us understand what hatha yoga actually is. “Ha” means sun, and “tha” means “moon”. This is just the literal translation, what it actually depicts is the balance between our body and our mind.

Let us uncover each of the topics sequentially and understand why is Hatha Yoga important and how we can adapt it in our daily lives.

Hatha Yoga – A brief.
The benefits.
✅Hatha Yoga Training Classes – A necessity?
✅What a regular class in Dubai is like?

Hatha Yoga – A Brief.

Yoga or Hatha Yoga in particular is not a form of exercise. It is a set of asanas. Asana means a posture. Sitting upright is a posture and sitting in some other way can be considered a different posture. Out of the various and innumerable asanas, eighty-four fundamental postures have been identified as yogasanas.

Hatha Yoga is a way of using these asanas to prepare your body for a higher possibility. It is an easy observation to see people have different postures for different mental and emotional states. You sit differently when you are happy than when you are sad or angry, your posture when you are calm is different from the one where you are anxious.

Our body naturally resorts to certain postures depending on the state of our mind. If we converse these facts and apply them to achieve a certain state of mind, we would have to mimic the corresponding posture. That is what Hatha Yoga is all about – a set of asanas to elevate your mind to the equivalent state that the asana depicts.

Hatha Yoga uses all the subtle energies in various asanas by consciously getting your body in the respective posture. This paves the way for the transformation of your body and elevates your consciousness.

The Benefits.
With so many asanas being a part of Hatha Yoga, the benefits are numerous and specific to the asanas you perform.
For example,
✅ The plank pose or warrior pose strengthens your core muscles.
✅ The boat pose activates your frontal abdominal muscles.
✅ The bridge pose tones your back and glutes.
✅ The side pose strengthens your oblique muscles.

However, if we talk about the general benefits they include the ones that improve the quality of your life. These include:
✅ Improved quality of sleep.
✅ Better stress management.
✅ Easing depression symptoms.
✅ Less anxiety.
✅ Improved body balance.
✅ Overall fitness improvements.

Apart from all these yoga keeps you calm, cool, and level-headed. Isn’t this enough?

Hatha Yoga Training Classes – A necessity?
Now that you have read the benefits and plan to pursue the hatha yoga practice, let us understand if a personalized

Hatha yoga training instructor or hatha yoga class is necessary?
With the ease and the low rates at which every tutorial is available online, a genuine question arises – why undergo the hassle of taking a yoga class with Trance Yoga or any other reputed Hatha Yoga trainers? The answer is already mentioned in the previous points. Let us just extrapolate.

As we said, Hatha Yoga is the science of extracting the energies from asanas to transform yourself and each pose has its energy and vibration that affects a certain aspect of our body. Now, imagine you take up a free video tutorial (wherein the self-claimed experts aren’t really yoga teachers) and you perform the asana in the wrong way. This will impact the energy that asana radiates and the benefits you would’ve got will be drastically reduced.

A certified Hatha Yoga instructor, whether be it personalized or in Hatha Yoga training class, will take the utmost care that every asana you perform will be a hundred percent efficient. They will also guide you to specific poses that will act on areas you think need improvement – say, for example, you can focus more on your core muscle strengthening, if that’s your area of concern. Also, there is a common theme that follows where you get demotivated to continue something unless there’s a push to keep you going. The same thing may happen with you taking up some free tutorials without any planned schedules.

An instructor or a class as a whole will keep you turning up for the activity each day as per the schedule and you will be focused as everyone in the class will have their minds aligned towards yoga. Although there is no harm in taking YouTube tutorials for free, there is much more to gain in with a Hatha Yoga instructor in a class. And, you surely do not want to miss out on that.

What a Regular Hatha Yoga class in Dubai is like?
Hatha Yoga in Dubai is booming up and at Trance Yoga we are enabling its easier accessibility to the people here. Also, around the world via online classes. Hatha yoga is considered gentle among all yoga variants. However, it can still be challenging. A regular class is 60 minutes long. You can get the schedule of the yoga practices here.

A typical class can be split into:
⭐ Breathing – Most hatha yoga classes start with a period of focus on your breath or pranayama.
⭐ Poses – Poses range in difficulty from lying flat on the floor to physically challenging positions.
⭐ Meditation – Most classes end with a short period of meditation. During this period of quiet reflection, your instructor may ask you to lie on your back and may cover you with a blanket.

The Final Word.
With so many ailments surrounding us, it makes sense to work on ourselves and prevent the illness, sickness from ever hitting us. This is where Yoga comes in. It is the ultimate way to stay fit.

Enroll in a genuine certified yoga class near you ASAP. A genuine class is important because just doing Yoga isn’t enough, doing it the right way is. If you are willing to pursue the beneficial practice of Hatha Yoga in Dubai, reach out to us. And if you are a resident elsewhere in the world, reach out all the same. We will provide the same affectionate and efficient guidance online. Your yoga is our responsibility.

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