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There are several types of anxiety disorders. Here we are talking about the generalised anxiety disorder where people tend to get excessively stressed and worried very often for minor reasons. And this leads them to feel anxious about everything around them. The major symptoms you’ll notice are palpitation, hyperventilation, restlessness, sleeplessness, sweating etc.

These stress and anxiety disorders if not dealt with at the right time it can start to effect one’s nervous system which can lead to major nervous breakdowns like memory loss and other nervous breakdown.

With regular practise of various ancient techniques of Yoga, one’s nervous system can be relaxed and the whole network of nadis(energy channels) in the body can be cleansed to remove the stress and to heal the anxiety disorder, also to make the person strong and confident enough to face and find solution in any point of life.

Asanas; The practice of asanas stretches and relaxes the physical body, both internal and external body, reducing the physical stress. The asanas also help in opening all the joints in the body and focusing more on the spine helps to make the spine suppler and relax the central nervous system and to remove stress. Few of the asanas to do for dealing with your anxiety are;

Marjariasana: One of the best asanas to work on the spine and the central nervous system. The asana brings a lot of blood towards the back, spine and spinal cord taking out all the stress from the neck, upper, middle and lower back, relaxing and refreshing the spinal cord.

Padahasthasana: An asana which stretches the entire back of the body from head to toe. Extends and stretches the major nerves in the body, opens the back and the hip, also helps the blood to flow more towards the head relaxing and refreshing the brain and reducing the stress and anxiety.

Vrikshasana: Asana which balances the nervous system and the nadis in the body. Regular practice of balancing postures helps to bring balance and harmony to one’s life. Helps to increases focus and concertation.

Shirshasana: Very good asana to deal with stress and any anxiety disorders. This asana brings most of the blood flow towards the head and the brain. It supplies each brain cells with surplus blood for it to function better eliminating stress and anxiety. It also trains one’s mind to think out of the box.

Savasana: The asana which is made to relax the entire system. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Asana relaxes each muscle, helps in emptying the mind and improving awareness of the mind and the body. It enhances the autonomous nervous system.

Mudra; Mudras are gestures done by using the entire body or just the hands or fingers which connect the certain energy channels and redirect the energy to certain energy point in the body.

Sharnagat mudra: A mudra which means to surrender. Practised as an Asana which helps in better functioning of the internal organs. Stretches the spine and the spinal cord, also stretches the sciatic nerve. It also helps in relaxing the brain cells and to eliminate stress and anxiety.

Vipareetkarni mudra: A practise which allows the energy to flow towards your higher energy points. It brings a lot of blood towards the brain and enhance the functioning of the thyroid glands, the throat area, which is also a major energy point to filter the unwanted thoughts from within. Helps in strengthening the nervous system and increasing the awareness on oneself.

Gyan mudra: A gesture done just by joining the thumb and the index finger, sitting in a meditative asana. Practising this redirects the energy to one of the major energy points where one will be noticing the thought in the mind. Helps in understanding themselves better and gaining confidence to face any issues or situations in their life.

Pranayama: This part of yoga is about exercising the breath and Strengthening the respiratory organs. This is said to have a direct connection between the mind and the body. By exercising on the breathing physically, you are exercising on the mind too.

Kapalbhati: Also, a Kriya, a cleansing technique, for the respiratory organs and for the mind. This focuses on pumping up oxygen more towards the forehead area which is home for your thoughts. This relaxes the frontal brain area and helps in realising and concentrating more on the productive thoughts.

Bhramari pranayama: One of the best Pranayama which removes stress and heals anxiety disorder. The practice activates every single cell in your brain. Pumps the brain cells with surplus amount of oxygen. Enhances the functioning of the brain and the nervous system.

Nadi shodhana: The simplest pranayama in yoga but the most powerful. Directly impacts the mind and the thoughts. Brings the mind to the present moment instantly. It removes the duality(confused mind) and bring clarity to perform better. Cleanses and clears all the nadis(energy channels) in the body and allows the prana to flow freely throughout the system. Takes out all the stress and any type of anxiety, depression or phobias.

AUM chanting and meditation: This is said to be food for the soul. There are numerous benefits by practicing chanting and meditating regularly. And this works as the ultimate practice for all types of anxiety disorders. This helps one to get more close to themselves, understand ones capability, increase their confidence and productivity. It enhances ones physical, mental, emotional and spiritual abilities to lead a stress free, disease free, content life.