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Human body is the highly sophisticated and biggest magic you can ever experience. Whatever we consume becomes us. We in fact are creating our own body with whatever we are consuming. It is very important to watch what and how we consume anything, because that is what we are made up of and that is how we behave. Today, we have noticed the medical infrastructures have grown massive because of the increase in illness in all age groups and are building more o the same thinking that one day most of the population are going to be ill.

The increase in illness is happening due to the unawareness and unconsciousness of the consumption of food or water. These days about 70% of ailments are chronic, which means we develop it in ourselves. This can be cured with the help of proper treatment of the elements within and around ourselves. In days not so far back, there were times, where there was only 1 doctor for the whole town, but now there are 5 clinics or hospitals in one street and still it is not enough to cure us. It need not be so if we learn how to manage the 5 elements in the body.

Our body contains all the 5 elements or “panch bhutas” in the same way it is in the nature. About 72% of our body is the water element. 12% is the earth element. 6% is the air element which is the easiest element to take charge of. 4% is the fire element. And the remaining 6% is space element. Out of these 2 elements which are easily accessible is the water element and air element.

As air element and water element is easily accessible it is possible and is very easy to bring these elements to our control. If we do the combination of these two elements well, also be more conscious of what we consume it will be impossible to fall ill ever again. Out of these two elements air is what we breathe and there are so many varieties of practices in yoga for bringing awareness to the air element and to master it.

But the for the water element which is at the highest percentage in our system, it is very important to bring our utmost interest in cleansing the element or “bhuta sudhi” within our body so that our bodily functions are smooth and to avoid constant visits to the doctors.

There are enough scientific proofs today about water that it has tremendous memory and the memory remains for a long period. So, it is important how we treat water before consuming. We should respect what makes us and our life. There have been extensive studies on water and the water molecules, and it is proven that the molecular structure of water changes with just a thought looking at the water we drink. The molecular structure changes even with a touch. So, what we think and how we touch is important to create a balance on the water element and to have more benefits on our body. The element behaves different if we don’t treat it well.

These days people drink water, or any drinks are which are too cold. Just by not doing this we can get rid many health problems. Drinking cold water makes our teeth sensitive, slows down the rehydration of our body, reduces heart rate, causes constipation, throat infection is only a few.

The ideal temperature we can consume liquids, or any food is maximum 4-degree variation upward or downward than the room temperature, if you are looking to transform yourself. As in, if the room temperature is 30-degree, then we can have water between 26-degree to 34-degree. For a student, to absorb more knowledge, they can consume within 8-degree variation. If you are a housewife, then you can consume within 12-degree variation. It is important to consume liquids or any food somewhere in the range of body temperature. Consuming water way too far from the body temperature will change the behaviour of the water molecules in the body.

A question I have been asked mostly is when to drink water and how much?

Drink water when you are thirsty. There is no particular amount of water one should have. It depends on person to person. Depends on the food you consume, the amount of physical activity one does, and the amount of water needed for the body to function smoothly. Advertisements these days suggest people to 6 to 8 litres of water every day and people end up sipping water throughout the day. This leads to consumption of excessive amount of water in the wrong way. Drinking too much water especially in small sips, is very harmful for the body. It causes the sodium levels in our body which is very delicately balanced to drop can even lead to swelling of the brain. By consuming water in small sips makes the body hard to absorb all the water which causes the lack of sodium content in the body and the brain. This imbalance, the brain forces the water to go up to the brain which gradually causes psychological imbalances.

When you drink more water at the time you are thirsty, the body decides how much to absorb and how much to expel. Listen to your body, drink water when you’re thirsty, drink a bit more to ensure that there is enough for the body functioning. Water also helps in eliminating the toxins accumulated in the body. As we all know our kidney plays a big role in cleansing and detoxifying of the system regardless of how much ever or whatever we consume. But our kidney entirely depends on water for the smooth functioning. It filters the blood and eliminate toxins in the form of urine. Right balance of water works as a lubricant to empty the bowels. Liquid drinks other than water such as aerated drinks, canned or processed drinks, drinks containing high sugar content and unnatural ingredients in fact can causes more health issues and dehydration.

When you don’t drink water when you’re thirsty it damages the system, damage to heart is immense when the water content is less as that’s the muscle in the body which needs constant lubrication. Also, there are many major illnesses caused with the imbalance of the water element in the body. Kidney stone being a major and a common problem is caused by not drinking enough water when needed. Joint pains, muscle stiffness and muscle cramps, headache, dry skin, low energy, digestive problems and constipation, premature ageing are only a few to mention.

Water can be consumed not just in the liquid form, it can also be from any food containing high water content. It is always suggested to consume more vegetables and fruits which have high water content. Vegetables contains 70% of water in it and fruits contain 90% water. By adding these in your daily diet, it is easier to balance the water content and there are so many other benefits. In traditional Asian cuisines, the dishes used to be about 60% to 70% water. Having dry dishes or foods with less water content will lead to dehydration and will need us to drink more water than usual.

Keeping water in a copper container will change the nature of water. The chemical formulation of water never changes but the molecular structure changes. In Ayurveda it is said that copper has the ability to balance the three doshas. Water stored in copper container is called “tamara jal”. To maximise the quality of the water, it is suggested to store the water in the copper vessel for at least 8 hours before consuming. The water stored in copper containers never become stale and can be kept for longer time.

Storing water in copper vessels have many significant benefits. It balances the ph levels in water. It kills all the bacterias which can cause severe illness. It cleanses and positively charges the water. Helps prevent all water borne diseases. Helps in the better functioning of the brain. Increases digestion and create anti-aging properties in water.